Want to know more about your fertility? By doing a simple blood test, you can get a clear picture of your hormone and fertility status. Then, by repeating the tests on an annual* basis, you can also predict fertility levels, going forward. This will more accurately predict your fertile years, with the bonus of optimising your weight, wellness, skin and all the things that women's hormones influence. Our approach is to be proactive about your fertility, instead of assuming that fertility is guaranteed. Knowing your fertility status is an important part of a modern woman's life and we encourage women to start monitoring their fertility whether they want children now, or not, or are single, or not in a serious relationship. We believe that it is vital to fully understand your hormonal health and track where your fertility is going, even if you're not thinking of having children in the immediate future.

Why would I want to know how fertile I am?

How do I find out my fertility status?

After you complete a fertile health questionnaire and give a sample of blood to check six fertility hormones, we provide you with a comprehensive report analysed by a fertility hormone expert which explains your current fertility status in a clear and non-technical fashion.

Why do this through Fertile Matters?

Your GP will not offer this comprehensive testing and many other options are long, disjointed and a frustrating experience. Or, are extremely expensive. We have streamlined the whole procedure making it convenient, fast and affordable.

We have different tests according to your needs. Please click here for our range of services.