Tracking Fertility

Your fertility is not static and is affected by many factors, including general health issues as well as lifestyle choices. And of course, your age.

We encourage our patients to track their fertility on an annual basis to ensure that your any potential problems are highlighted early, and fertility is optimised.

Once you have data from the first year, you can repeat the tests on an annual basis and start to track your fertility year-on-year. After analysing your results, our consultants can provide trend analysis and help you optimise your fertility.

One of the issues with conventional hormone testing to date is that it's very uncoordinated: tests are taken by different medical practitioners in different locations over a period of time, and the resulting data is often not brought together. And sometimes you have to pay extra to get access to a set of results to show to another doctor. It's a very slow, frustrating and expensive way to go about things.

Our tests are done as part of a package, so you know the price from the outset, and the price includes your data. We also encourage clients to return for an annual check, to track how age and other lifestyle and health issues could be impacting on their fertility.

At all times, the data is yours and can be given to other health professionals.

Tracking your menopausal symptoms due to declining hormones
Tracking can be a very valuable part of managing your menopause. Click on our menopause service page for more information.