Preparing for menopause - Pre-menopause hormone tracking service

Fertility hormones govern the ability to have children but they also determine how good we look and feel, so when the menopause starts, it can have a dramatic effect.

Manage Your Hormones
The menopause happens to every woman, when her menstrual cycle stops and fertility ends. Aside from 'hot flushes' there are nearly 70 uncomfortable and even dangerous symptoms associated with approaching the menopause. These include an overall ageing of the skin, memory difficulties, depression, a lowered sex drive, and maintaining a healthy weight.

By tracking your hormones pre-menopause, which involves a simple blood test repeated every week for 6 weeks, we can have a better picture of your baseline hormone levels to then optimise your hormones to eliminate many of the menopause symptoms so that you can be in prime condition to boast good skin, feel sexy, stay slim and feel fit, long after the menopause has started.

There are many ways to manage your hormones in the run up to your menopause (usually starting in mid-40's) - here are a few applications that doctors currently prescribe:

  • Standard HRT tablets; usually a combination of oestrogen and progesterone
  • Cream and gels containing oestrogen, testosterone and other hormones
  • Mirena coil, an intrauterine system that releases progesterone into the system
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) where the dosage of each hormone can be tailored to each individual woman

By having more detailed information on your hormonal levels prior to menopause allows practitioners to give more accurate dosages for your body and requirements.

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6 week package: £1100