Fertility Preservation

We Can Help

Are you worried that for medical reasons such as cancer treatment your fertility may be compromised?

Or, have you other concerns that prompt an interest in fertility preservation? We can help due to the fact that it is now possible to preserve fertility following significant medical advances.

As expert co-ordinators in fertility preservation, we are happy to discuss with you your options and then guide you through the entire process.

For whatever reason, health or circumstances, male or female, protecting your fertility can be the key to having a family when you feel ready.


Sometimes life doesn't turn out quite the way we'd planned - maybe you've had a cancer diagnosis and need treatment which could compromise your future fertility, or maybe you just haven't met the right partner yet and you feel the years are ticking away. Whatever the reason for your interest in fertility preservation, we can help.

Medical advances now mean that fertility protection is possible and offers people the opportunity to preserve their fertility for the future.

As expert co-ordinators in fertility preservation, we can ensure that you get the very best treatment as well as liaising with other medical professionals that are treating you, to ensure that you get the optimum outcome. It's inevitable, that doctors in other specialisations may not have your fertility at the top of their agenda, but Fertile Matters will always ensure that it's at the top of ours.

Talk to us as soon as you think that you might want to preserve your fertility, and we can guide through the entire process.

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Dependent on need, upon consultation