FAQ's - About Fertile Matters

These answers are related to Fertile Matters - how we work and what you can expect.
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Q: Can your test guarantee that I am fertile and that I will be able to get pregnant when I decide to?

A: Our comprehensive assessment checks all the fertility indicators necessary. However, there may be other underlying health issues which affect fertility which must be investigated.

Q: I'm over 40. Can I still use the service?

A: Absolutely - knowledge of your fertility levels are important, no matter what age you are: not only if you are trying to get pregnant after 40, it can also help predict and therefore manage menopause.

Q: Can men be tested by Fertile Matters, too?

A: Yes, men knowing their fertility levels is also paramount to family planning and for general health. We not only test for sperm count, mobility and motility, we also check hormone levels such as testosterone.

Q: Will I be seen by a fertility expert?

A: Our service is primarily conducted over email, phone or by Skype/FaceTime, thus allowing you to take control of your fertility at a time convenient to you. It is also more affordable. However, we are still very happy for you to meet face to face with our fertility doctors.

Q: Will I have direct access to the team, 24/7?

A: Our office hours are between 9am to 9pm. However, team members are available on email after hours for emergencies and will call you back.

Q: I have read that freezing eggs doesn't necessarily work as most eggs do not survive and there is a low insemination rate. What is your advice on this as an option?

A: Egg freezing is currently, the only option a woman has to preserve her fertility. Technology is improving fast around egg freezing but there is still some way to go. We suggest that to increase the chance of success of survival at thawing/insemination, that a few cycles of IVF are completed over time to gain a good crop of unfertilised eggs. For those that are interested, we can send you the latest research and data available on egg freezing and success.

Q: How are you different to other fertility clinics?

A: We are a fertility service rather than a clinic which enables us to provide independent care, support and guidance to our clients to help them make the important decisions for their fertility futures.